Returning to work post Covid-19

On March 24, 2020 Scott Morrison, our current Australian Prime Minister announced that businesses like Beauty Effects will close their doors due to the current Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and our nations response to ‘flatten the curve’. Despite the Government not classing Beauty Therapy an ‘essential service’ I beg to differ. Yes I agree that life can and could go on… so for you non-believers of saying we aren’t an essential service I hear you, but please hear me out.

I believe as women (and men) Beauty Therapy is more than ‘making somebody feel good’. I believe it’s about conversation, touch, the emotional aspect of salon work creates for amazing connections between us and the client. For some clients going to the beauty salon is speaking to somebody neutral, sharing your latest secrets and life events while receiving a service that makes you feel good about you… not many other businesses can say they deliver these exact same results. Sure you can buy a dress but you can share this with your friends if you have to. Beauty Therapy in my opinion is like hairdressing, these are both essential services as a lot of the treatments we offer are not only about looking good but feeling good and when you feel this way your confidence soars. It’s a service that only YOU can experience for YOU.

So during the lockdown I asked Jess to give me a social distancing facial. The cream splatting on my face, the feeling or the fake hands (and plenty of giggles in the background) I can assure you didn’t make a pleasant experience. I actually craved for somebody apart from my husband and kids to touch me. I never realised that I need this touch and connection so much as I do now.

The great news is here at Beauty Effects from May 16 2020 the Queensland Government has given Beauty Salons the green light to open again and perform all procedures that fall under our Diploma of Beauty Therapy. These services that we offer that fall under this banner are- brow shaping, facial waxing, lash lifts, LED light therapy and some of our facial treatments. Dr Axell is also able to resume his visits at Beauty Effects as he falls under his own banner being a Medical Practitioner. Services that are still on hold at Beauty Effects are Cosmetic Tattooing, Skin Needling, Diathermy and Electrolysis. From what we understand these treatments will be available if all goes well by June or July.

Please note that we can not accept walk in treatments as all clients must be ‘pre-booked’ with us and that if you are not feeling well we ask that you postpone your appointment.

Here at Beauty Effects we can not wait to see all of our wonderful clients, we have missed you all through our conversation, touch and results that we deliver.

See you all soon Beauty Effects tribe!

– June x