Our Story

June believes all women (and people) deserve to look and feel great to whatever capacity that means to them! Beauty Effects was created to provide a 'safe' place for clients, a place they will feel a warm welcome and walk out with personalised results and an experience that is suited for your individual needs and requirements.

The Beauty Effects space is luxe but not tizzy... A warm space that you instantly feel you belong in. Beauty Effects believes every person is beautiful and our team enhance your features that make you feel good from the inside out!

We welcome you to Beauty Effects.
After finishing school, June’s first beauty therapy role was working for a cosmetic tattooist (back in year 2000- long before tattooing was popular). She was fascinated with the instant results and the potential for improving a persons (men & women's) confidence; along with the bespoke aspect of tattooing each individual’s face.

June discovered her passion for contributing positively to her client's mental health, whilst at the same time helping the time-poor woman reduce her morning to-do list routine.

This love continues to motivate her and push her to be an industry leader in the field of cosmetic tattooing.
June approaches beauty as an artwork. She is inspired to look at a woman’s face and see which part of their beauty she can accentuate to help them express more confidence and have less time in the morning routine.
“I love the variety of what we do with the small selection of services we offer. We are masters in all our specialised treatments because it is unique to the client and focussed on solid, realistic and beautiful results” June - Beauty Effects Owner/Operator
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Your Beauty Experts

Beauty Effects prides ourselves on working with the best in the industry to ensure our clients receive fantastic service and results every time.

June Warry

Beauty Therapist

June has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She specialises in Facial Cosmetic Tattooing, and is an expert in this field. Being a perfectionist, June takes the responsibility of your face very seriously, & ensures the highest quality Cosmetic Tattoo results. She has travelled nationally & internationally, & completed 1000’s of successful cosmetic tattoo procedures. June is passionate about achieving the outcome you desire, creating an atmosphere in the studio which is relaxing, private & friendly, & providing exceptional service that you, the client, will remember & talk about.

Dr Axell

Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Axell focusses primarily on Non-Surgical Cosmetic medicine and specialises in cosmetic injectables for wrinkle correction, volume replacement in cheeks and lips. Dr Axell is a full member of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine, and is a published author in Beauty Biz Magazine. His aim is to help clients achieve a natural and rejuvenated appearance by using the latest proven techniques and procedures. Dr Axell is known for his warm demeanour as well as his excellent eye for the aesthetic and precise injecting skills.

Our Team

Our team are hand-picked for their high quality skills, excellence in work and their ability to help our clients feel relaxed and restored after their visit with us.


Beauty Therapist

Specialises in brows, Make up and recently learnt the art of brow tattooing. Homeira has an
Excellent Attention to detail.


Beauty Therapist who has a passion for taking care of her clients. Christelle loves lash lifts and facials.


an experienced Beauty Therapist who has a passion for facials, brows and makeup. Paris gentle nature will leave you feeling pampered, educated and with results.


Beauty Therapist at Beauty Effects

Paris is Beauty Effects newest team member and comes with many years experience. Paris has a keen eye for detail but is particularly passionate about skincare and results driven treatments.

Paris will undoubtedly give you a great treatment.


Emerging Therapist at Beauty Effects

Christelle infuses the Beauty Effects salon with a radiant energy and joy that both colleagues and clients cherish. She believes beauty is about offering everyone the chance to feel good, boost their confidence, and bring their inherent natural beauty on display.


Head Therapist and Emerging Cosmetic Tattoo Artist at Beauty Effects

Since joining Beauty Effects in February 2022, Homeira’s unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail have swiftly positioned her as a beloved therapist under the Beauty Effects banner. While she harbours a specific passion for brows and makeup, Homeira is equally skilled and enthusiastic about addressing clients’ skincare needs.

At the core of Homeira’s philosophy is the belief that true beauty emanates from feeling comfortable and confident in one’s skin. She loves building relationships with clients, working collaboratively to map out and achieve their beauty needs and aspirations.

June Warry

Director and Head Artist at Beauty Effects

June Warry has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She began her journey with tattooing in 2005, a time well before cosmetic tattooing had gained its current prominence. June’s commitment to excellence is evident in her frequent national and international travels, ensuring she stays up to date in the latest skills, knowledge, trends, and techniques. As a result, she is highly regarded as an expert in her domain.

Her passion for the beauty world is evident with her eagerness to stay relevant with the correct education and uphold industry standards. June co-owns Australia’s premier cosmetic tattooing conference company, PCC (https://www.pccgroupaus.com). She is also behind Australia’s ONLY cosmetic tattooing-specific awards company, ABACTA (https://www.abacta.com.au). June’s dedication is about more than just business; it’s about ensuring clients receive unparalleled experiences and results.

Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of June’s approach. At Beauty Effects, we won’t endorse or create a look that doesn’t suitably enhance your natural beauty. We prioritise forging lasting relationships and earning our clients’ trust.

Every member of the Beauty Effects team is handpicked by June, guaranteeing that our clients can select from various skilled therapists to achieve their desired outcomes.

Beauty Effects is all about inclusivity. We offer a sanctuary where clients can openly discuss their aspirations. June is a firm believer that beauty is everywhere  and at Beauty Effects, it’s not about altering who you are, but rather enhancing the beauty that is inherently yours.

We warmly welcome you to the Beauty Effects community.