What is a Dermasound facial treatment?

At Beauty Effects, we believe all clients should experience the results of a Dermasound facial. In our opinion, these treatments clean your skin like no other facial treatment you have had before.

A Dermasound facial is an ultrasonic facial using cavitation to very gently remove dead skin cells and debris quickly and safely. Although, when used in facials, the ultrasonic machine uses low-frequency vibrations to remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated on the surface of your skin resulting in blocked pores and comedones. Cavitation peeling is performed with a device emitting ultrasonic vibrations which, when directed on wet skin, has the effect of cavitation. Our trained therapist will spray water on the skin and glide the hand piece across the skins surface, this then produces microscopic bubbles, which under the influence of ultrasonic vibrations suddenly burst. You will feel a light misty spray on the surface of the skin. The water then pushes through the skin and the breakdown of dead cells occurs and a young skin layer is exposed, free of excess bacteria, tallow or toxic substances. This is the perfect treatment for clients of all ages and skin types.

Unlike other facial treatment services, we believe that Dermasounds are the only treatment that genuinely clean the skin out. Dermaplanning and Microdermabrasion treatments don’t flush through the skin like Dermasound treatments. As therapists performing this treatment, we literally see the the dirt and debris flush away on the surface of the skin.

After we have thoroughly cleansed the skin and performed the peeling modality (which is the cavitation phase), we then follow through with options of sonophoresis. This modality can otherwise be known as ultrasonic infusion, this phase opens up the pathways between skin cells and allows our active ingredients (including products for ageing, pigmentation, acne and rosacea) to penetrate up to 10,000 deeper than with manual massage.

Finally, we finish your treatment off with microamps/microcurrent. Microcurrent works to increase ATP energy in the mitochondria (powerhouse of the skin cells) and speeds up collagen production and tissue healing, giving a firming and tightening affect on the skin.

We invite you to the studio to try one of these treatments for yourself. All treatments are bespoke for you as products and sequences are individually chosen for you. Here at Beauty Effects we aim for results and an experience for you to remember and talk about.

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Watch our dermasound facial here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckxhsMx-GA0


Beauty Therapist at Beauty Effects

Paris is Beauty Effects newest team member and comes with many years experience. Paris has a keen eye for detail but is particularly passionate about skincare and results driven treatments.

Paris will undoubtedly give you a great treatment.


Emerging Therapist at Beauty Effects

Christelle infuses the Beauty Effects salon with a radiant energy and joy that both colleagues and clients cherish. She believes beauty is about offering everyone the chance to feel good, boost their confidence, and bring their inherent natural beauty on display.


Head Therapist and Emerging Cosmetic Tattoo Artist at Beauty Effects

Since joining Beauty Effects in February 2022, Homeira’s unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail have swiftly positioned her as a beloved therapist under the Beauty Effects banner. While she harbours a specific passion for brows and makeup, Homeira is equally skilled and enthusiastic about addressing clients’ skincare needs.

At the core of Homeira’s philosophy is the belief that true beauty emanates from feeling comfortable and confident in one’s skin. She loves building relationships with clients, working collaboratively to map out and achieve their beauty needs and aspirations.

June Warry

Director and Head Artist at Beauty Effects

June Warry has been in the beauty industry for over 20 years. She began her journey with tattooing in 2005, a time well before cosmetic tattooing had gained its current prominence. June’s commitment to excellence is evident in her frequent national and international travels, ensuring she stays up to date in the latest skills, knowledge, trends, and techniques. As a result, she is highly regarded as an expert in her domain.

Her passion for the beauty world is evident with her eagerness to stay relevant with the correct education and uphold industry standards. June co-owns Australia’s premier cosmetic tattooing conference company, PCC (https://www.pccgroupaus.com). She is also behind Australia’s ONLY cosmetic tattooing-specific awards company, ABACTA (https://www.abacta.com.au). June’s dedication is about more than just business; it’s about ensuring clients receive unparalleled experiences and results.

Honesty and integrity are cornerstones of June’s approach. At Beauty Effects, we won’t endorse or create a look that doesn’t suitably enhance your natural beauty. We prioritise forging lasting relationships and earning our clients’ trust.

Every member of the Beauty Effects team is handpicked by June, guaranteeing that our clients can select from various skilled therapists to achieve their desired outcomes.

Beauty Effects is all about inclusivity. We offer a sanctuary where clients can openly discuss their aspirations. June is a firm believer that beauty is everywhere  and at Beauty Effects, it’s not about altering who you are, but rather enhancing the beauty that is inherently yours.

We warmly welcome you to the Beauty Effects community.