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Beauty Effects uses the highest quality pigments to create a natural appearance in your skin wether that be for eyebrows, eyeliner, full lip or areola tattooing.

All initial Cosmetic Tattoo services are inclusive of your consultation, procedure, and home care kit & instructions.


Why get your brows tattooed?
  • Your brows frame your face and open your eyes
  • Thin brows form years of over plucking
  • Gaps or scars in your brows
  • Suffer from Alopecia or hair loss
  • Wanting a definite shape to your brows
Application involves:
  • Feather stroke or Ombre appearance
  • Microblading or machine method

Eye Liner

Why get your eyeliner tattooed?
  • Very pale pink eyes
  • Oily skin causing make up to smear
  • Small eyes needing definition and shape
  • Contact lenses
  • Allergic reactions to conventional makeup
  • Poor eyesight
  • Wear eye liner daily
Application Involves:
  • Top eyelid, lower eyelid or both
  • Fine or wide lines
  • Tapered

Lipline & Blend

Why get your lips tattooed?
  • Eliminates the need to wear lipstick
  • Colour that stays even when eating or drinking
  • Just add lip gloss
  • Very pale lip colour
  • Lips which appear thin
Application Involves:
  • Lip line or lip blend
  • Colour match which is natural
Follow Up Procedure

Must be completed in a 3 month timeframe

Although you may think the procedure was successful after the first procedure, it is essential to book a follow up procedure within the first 4-6 weeks, to allow your practitioner the opportunity to refine the work. Small areas may require more colour, as the skin may have shed more than was initially expected. Swelling at the time of the initial procedure may not have allowed for the completion of the shape, especially for eyeliner tattooing.It is important to note, that non-attendance of the follow up procedure (that must be completed within the 3 month time frame) will render the treatment incomplete, and therefore nullify any guarantee. Please note as the salon gets quiet busy that you allow enough time in your schedule to avoid disappointment in missing out on an appointment within this 3 month time frame.
For some skin types, these cosmetic treatments do not totally take the place of pencils. It is easier to have a shape to follow enabling you to enhance the shape with any colour pencil you wish for a more dramatic image.Like all cosmetic procedures, we advise you to have your cosmetic tattoo retouched and refreshed. Ask about our special retouch prices. Please only expect 9 months out of your tattooing procedures. Some skins may hold onto the colour & last a lot longer but we tell all of our clients, across the board to only expect 9 months. Products that you use at home and your lifestyle all have an impact on your tattooing. Tattooing is semi-permanent and will always fade. As the tattooing fades it may leave a residue in the skin of the most dominate primary colour in the pigment used. Cosmetic tattooing procedures do require touch ups and adjustments throughout the life of your chosen procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

Cosmetic Tattooing is the application of pigment into the skin, to enhance your brows, eyes & lips, allowing you to save time on your daily beauty routine.  Unlike traditional body tattooing, cosmetic tattooing uses fine needles which do not penetrate the skin as deeply.

Is Cosmetic Tattooing suitable for everyone?

We are unable to perform cosmetic tattoo on anyone pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18.  Please inform us of any recent or current medication, illness or virus’.

It is important that you understand what you are signing yourself up to. This treatment can not be ‘washed’ off once you get home. It is important that you have chosen an artist that you have researched, understand the process, have the patience & are happy to go with the healing process for the next few weeks in order to see & understand what the healed results will look like.

Please also be aware the different skins respond amazing & other skins won’t have as great success with this type of treatment. If I feel that your skin isn’t suitable for tattooing I will be the first to inform you as my ultimate goal is to have successful treatments & happy clients.


Do you use Digital Machine method or Microblading?

Previously, we have done the microblading technique for clients with the right skin type.  We choose to use digital machine work.  Though social media has created a hype of the ‘microblading’ technique, our experience & research suggests that our digital machine method is gentler on the skin & gives longer lasting results.

We encourage you to DO YOUR RESEARCH before choosing your cosmetic tattoo artist, & if led by the ‘microblading’ technique, ask to see before & after photos of clients of a similar age & skin type.  It is important to request photos of the HEALED RESULTS and not the FRESHLY tattooed results.  WHY? Immediately after the microblading procedure, the skin is tightened, compressed & the lines look very thin & precise, creating a beautiful brow.  However, once the skin cuts heal, the lines may become thicker, partially blurred & fuzzy, or appear dotted or torn. Microblading is notorious for scarring the brows as the nature of the treatment is harder on the skin than machine work. Here at Beauty Effects we want to be tattooing your brows for the next 20 years, be very careful which technique you are signing your face up for as very few skins can actually tolerate the microblading technique.

Hairstroke/Feathering or Ombre Brows?'

‘Feathering’ creates fine ‘hair like’ strokes into the skin to fill in the gaps for the perfect brow.  ‘Ombre’ brows is the process of blending the pigment colour using a combination of shading & dot work, typically to appear bolder on the ends and lighter in the beginning of the brows.  This look is perfect for a full soft look & particularly suits oily skin types. Ombre or powder brows will give the look that we have when we draw in our brows with pencil or other brow products. At Beauty Effects we consult with each client and discuss the technique, colour and final outcome with our clients so they know what result to expect.

What are Pigment colours?

Cosmetic Tattoo pigments are specifically pre-mixed for use on the face. The intensity is much softer with the image of makeup in mind, as opposed to traditional body tattooing.  We have a large selection of pigment colours in order to achieve the right colour, ranging from light skin & blonde hair, to darker skin & hair tones, to create a natural effect.


Does it hurt?

We describe cosmetic tattooing as a scratching sensation on the skin.  However, everyone has a different pain tolerance. If necessary you may wish to take pain medication prior to your treatment. Lip tattooing can be felt more, due to the fragility of the area. Due to Queensland legislation it is important that you please have arranged your topical anaesthetic with the compound pharmacy which these details will be texted to you prior to your appointment.

Do you take away the existing brow hair?

Many people are worried that their brows may be shaved or waxed.  This is not the case.  If the brows need to be lifted, we can remove some hairs with tweezers, but only with your consent of the shape we have drawn & discussed.


Do I need to attend my follow up appointment?

YES!  Cosmetic tattooing is a 2 step process.  Your follow up appointment is an additional $100-$150 per procedure charge, as long as this procedure is booked & received within 3 months of your first procedure.  We recommend anywhere between 6-8 weeks after your first procedure.  Please note, your final result will be visible after your follow up appointment.  At this appointment, you may choose to darken the pigment, add hair strokes, and thicken the shape.  After your first procedure you will notice your brows change during the healing process.  Initially they will look darker & then lighten off considerably, leaving you wondering where your brows went.  This is a normal part of the healing process.  If you do not attend your follow up appointment, your cosmetic tattooing is considered incomplete.

Please note, that if you do not attend your follow up within 3 months & book in the follow up appointment 3 months & 1 week there will be a colour boost charge.

How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last?

Each individuals final result is unique.  We suggest anywhere between 9 months to 3 years.  This depends on skin type, genetics, metabolism, skin care, smoking, hormones, medications, environmental factors, exposure to the sun, Laser and Fraxel treatments, use of glycolics, attendance at the follow up appointment & following the Post Procedure Care instructions. Your skin, technique and colour chosen plus your home care routine all play a big part in the results you will experience with cosmetic tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing is designed to fade, and we want it to fade as this will give softer results for your face.